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Energy Independence The Individual Pursuit of Energy Freedom
Alden M Hathaway, II, Tripp Hathaway

Routledge 2022
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The 20th century is known to the entire world as a century of American greatness. Innovations in energy drove that American superiority; innovations such as oil pipelines, petroleum-based fuel, the light bulb, electricity, and the power grid. However, our legacy energy economy leaves us wanting in the 21st century. Centralized vulnerability, wasted generation capacity, dependence on foreign fuel, and climate change are financed by every one of us at the pump and in our monthly utility bill. However, "Energy Independence" is not about what is wrong with our current energy economy; rather it describes a bright future that is waiting to be unlocked. It presents a plan where the average homeowner can not only achieve energy freedom for their household, but usher in the new energy economy.

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